Two Scenarios….

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I want to do a followup of this morning post with a little more whimsical frame of mind.  As I see it we are looking at two different world views when it come to our energy needs.

One of our political parties theme seems to be “Drill Baby, Drill”. They want to extract absolutely every drop of oil out of our planet. They adamantly insist on building the Keystone pipeline so that we can take the dirtiest oil around and send it off to countries with little or no environmental regulations. They want to send our kids over to foreign countries that have oil so that we can “teach” them how to run their governments and in the process get more of their oil. They want to drill baby drill no matter the environmental impact. They deem all this global warming stuff as just a conspiracy to prevent them from getting their way.

The other political party sees all the damage that the “Drill Baby, Drill” philosophy is doing to  our country and the world. They see our temperatures warming and our arctic regions melting. They see catastrophes in our future if we don’t change our ways. They see how dependent we are on one year hundred old plus technologies and think it is time to move on to another way of accomplishing our energy needs. They see cleaner solar and wind technologies as at least part of that future.

Mad MaxLet me boil this down for those of you who might have drifted off.

One party, and I think you know which one I mean, is the party of Mad Max. They see our future as a battle to control a dwindling oil supply. They see us like Mad Max  with a gun on his hip fighting for every last drop. They thank heavens for our second amendment rights so they still have their weapons in this war for oil. While the world is spinning out of control around them they still cling to century old technologies instead of searching for better ways of doing it. They see it as a battle of “us” vs “them”.  They see Thunder Domes as a necessary part of our future.

JetsonsThe other party, and I think you know which one I mean, is the party of the Jetsons. They see that we can move beyond our dependence of a dirty source of energy to something much cleaner and healthier for our kids. They see that our future lies in getting our energy directly from the sun and wind which is available almost everywhere. They see a bright future for us as a country and a world. There are no Thunder Domes in their version of the future.

Ok, its your turn. Are you the party of Mad Max or the Jetsons?