Success. Fear. And stuff…..


sparkThere is only one battle worth fighting: spend every second of your life searching for the spark that makes you feel alive. There’s no other fight quite like it. You fail, and it doesn’t matter. The entire world thinks you’re pathologically unstable, and it doesn’t matter. You receive 200 rejection letters from agents, you keep on writing. Reach for the stars and don’t whine when you fall on your ass.

Source: Success. Fear. And stuff. « Cristian Mihai.

I certainly enjoy reading posts of my fellow bloggers. As I have said before most of what I read comes from other senior citizens such as myself. But I purposefully try to also include those from the front end of life. It keeps me young and gives me hope for the future of this world.

Chrisian Mihai is one of those blogs I enjoy reading. He has such fresh insights in life. He knows what he wants and doesn’t let anyone get in his way of accomplishing his goals. He may just grow up into a world famous author if he keeps up his enthusiasm.

I wish I had had his drive at that age. I might have accomplished much more in my life that I was capable of with the path I chose. I let others tell me what I was supposed to do more than I followed my heart.  One of the saddest parts of life is imagining the “road not taken”. What would I have been? What opportunities did I miss?

None of us should go through life constantly looking backwards. It get us no where. But it is a useful exercise in sharing our wisdom with the next generations. If I were to give any advice to Cristian it would be to keep on dreaming and keep on writing. Yeah, you may just fall on your ass once in a while but don’t whine about it and especially don’t feel sorry for yourself. Nothing worthwhile comes without pain.

I wished I had found that “spark that made me alive” at his age instead of finding it many years later. But here I go looking back again. I must celebrate that I “did” finally find the spark and it will occupy the rest of my time on this earth.  I thank God for that……

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