We Learn Nothing By Speaking…..

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You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Mahatma Gandhi

For here we are not afraid to follow the truth wherever it may lead… Thomas Jefferson

Remember, we learn nothing by speaking. St. Francis of Asissi

I thought I would pull up three inspirational quotes from some of my heroes for this inspiration Sunday.

Gandhi was a man of simplicity. He lived his life with very few luxuries. But his words were full of riches. We can’t just complain about something in life. Doing only that is a worthless task. Instead of complaining work to find a solution.

Thomas Jefferson left a huge legacy of writing for us to learn from. He spent his life as a seeker of truth. He questioned everything. Like me, that got him in trouble with some.

I bring out a quote from St. Francis of Asissi in honor of the new pope.  Even though I am no longer a Catholic I wish him the best of successes.

3 thoughts on “We Learn Nothing By Speaking…..

  1. I too am a lapsed Catholic but I must say I am pleasantly surprised by this new Pope. He brings a breath of fresh air with his humility and inclusion of women in the simple act of foot washing. Apparently he does not fear criticism from the ranks. I felt he was sincere with his warm invitation to those who have left the church, welcoming them back with open arms. With many others I will be watching him and hoping he is the beginning of change for the church. Such a nice Easter morning 🙂


    1. Happy Easter to you too Jane. I have the same hopes as you concerning the new pope. But of course nothing changes very quickly in the RC church. Vatican II was the last time that happened. That was in my lifetime, maybe not yours.


  2. The new pope is a true example of spiritual leadership for the world! Every action he takes is an example of hoe each of should, could , or want to act. That is Christ-like. I think he will make some wonderful improvements in our world! Good timing.


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