The Internet Mine Field…

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No, this post is not about pornography on the internet. Instead it is about all those words we accidentally hit that bring up small screens to get in the way of what we are reading.  I admit that I am one of those guys that uses my computer pointer to keep track of where I am on the page.  I need to do that as my wife is constantly interrupting me with one emergency or another. 🙂

But often times when I move the pointer to just the right space suddenly a another box pops us.  I can’t tell you how annoying that is to me. I like to have control of what I do. That is just who I am I guess. I foolishly like to think that I actually control a few things in my life.  I have tried to figure a way out of these internet mine fields but haven’t accomplished that to date. After the first few pop-ups I generally keep the pointer out of the text field but at the same level as the line I am reading.

Another thing that bothers me is all the animated things that twirl and spin at the peripheral of my view. I used to get so irritated by that stuff I swore I would never buy anything that uses that advertising technique.  Thank heavens, I learned the secret of how to stop the vast majority of those stupid things.  The secret is that they use the Adobe Flash Player add-in on most browsers so all I had to do was to eliminate that add-in and the problem goes away.

One thing about that though is that Flash Player is also used to most videos on the web so they won’t play now.  Since the vast majority of videos are not captioned that is no big loss to me.  But there are occasions when I do want to see a video just for the pictures. To accomplish that I have another browser that is loaded with Flash.

So, now my life is just a little more in my control. If only the other things out of my control were so easily solved.

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