No Accounting For Taste…

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“…elections are a good deal like marriages, there is just no accounting for anyone’s taste.” – Will Rogers, 10 May 1926

You got that right Will. Of course when you made this quote Calvin Coolidge was president Hoover was just around the corner to replace him. I guess you were a pretty good predictor of the future.  I had the very same thoughts in November 2004 when Mr. Bush was given a second term.  I couldn’t understand the taste of the electorate that year.


  1. LOL…and here I was worrying that traveling was taking a toll on you and your lovely wife. I was flabbergasted when Mr. Bush was awarded a second term.


    1. I just got back from my day at the soup kitchen. I was flabbergasted too, but as my hero Will Rogers said (and I am paraphrasing) the great thing about this country is that it an survive any idiot being president without much permanent damage.


  2. Sorry- that was Kerry. I voted that year—but not for anyone for President.
    Can not stand Cheney and Rumsfield. There was not enough about Kerry out there to figure out if he would do a good job. Hind sight is 20/20.


    1. I’m glad you corrected yourself there Janette. I was about to accuse you of a “senior moment”. I voted for Kerry maybe primarily because of the “swift boat” smear the radical right did on him. He served his country admirably in Vietnam and then these lying idiots tried to discredit him. That was the low in that campaign for me.


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