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I try not to post about the events like the Boston bombing until more of the facts are known but there is one related thing that always bothers me about such events. While I along with most mourn the four lives lost in this tragic event I wonder why we don’t also mourn the 150 or so lives also lost that day and every day to violence around our obsession with guns? I wonder why don’t we also mourn the 3,000 or so lives lost each day to hunger? Were those four lives more precious than the 150 or the 3,000 to our Maker?

Why don’t we mourn all senseless loss of life?? Why can’t the innocent person who was gunned down by a drive-by shooter or killed by a drunk driver be recognized with the same mournful eulogies at the four victims from last week’s bombing.

It is likely we will end up allocating a few billion more dollars to try to prevent the next distraught teenager from setting off another bomb. Most likely those who are suggesting this increased spending will propose getting the funding by cutting social/entitlement programs. How sad is that?  Where is our compassion for those thousands who are killed every week in our country because, even though they is totally solvable, we lack the will to prevent them from happening?


  1. I agree. When the conversation started, again, around gun deaths, I wanted to voice my concern about all the accidental deaths that occur every year, about the husband and wife who have an argument and in a moment of insanity grab the pistol sitting by the bed and shoot their spouse. I heard an interesting statistic recently that in the early 1990′s, most guns were owned for hunting, now for protection. The Pogo quote just popped into mind- “We have met the enemy and he is us”


  2. Hi and welcome Cathy. It almost boggles my mind that we can have so much compassion for those injured in terrorist attacks (both foreign and home-grown) but then turn a deaf ear to those senseless deaths that occur every day. Another thing in this realm relates to the email I got today from Elizabeth Warren who is the senator from Massachusetts asking me to donate to a special fund for the victims of the Boston bombing. I know that the survivors of the victims of 9/11 got an average of $1.4 million each but what about the little girl who attended Obama’s inauguration and then killed the next week by a drive-by shooter? How can we be so generous to one and totally ignore the other?

    BTW, sorry you thought you had to re-post your comments a couple of times. First time comments must be approved before they are shown. Future comments will automatically appear. I value your input so come back often with your thoughts.


  3. Excellent point, and it extends to any allocation of resources based on media excitement. Heart disease kills more people than AIDS. Car crashes are more lethal than terrorism – or guns. In an ideal society, we would set our priorities based on reason alone. Of course, the aim of “terrorism” is precisely to create an unreasoning fear.


    • Actually according to the stats I read gun deaths and auto deaths are about the same at around 35,000/year. Of course cars serve a purpose and guns for the most part don’t so you can guess how I come out on that one.

      But to the main point we agree. I see where the fund for the Boston event is now in the multi- millions. Those poor folks should be very well taken care of.


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