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FrustrationI know I am getting burned out on all this constant bickering in the U.S. I watch little or no news on TV now. All the news channels seem to be about inciting a riot among us. My internet news sites which I visit first thing every morning are now for the most part briefly scanned.  I am just tired of all this stuff. It may just be time for me to go “Walden” as Thoreau did and drop out for a while. I seem to only be able to see the dark side of life and I just can’t live in that mode very long.

Since the Spring and Summer months are the busiest times away from blogging for me I will likely be limiting my posts to one every other day or so for a while and I will likely stay away from politics, at least for a while. I just need time to get things back in perspective again and get all this fighting off my mind….


  1. I’m headed to my daughter’s for a month. New baby will keep us all busy.
    Returning here for a month of gardening and riding my bike
    The last month will be devoted to the new baby coming to my son and his wife.
    I anticipate the rhetoric will begin in all honesty in August when my son ships out for nine months to fly the desert.
    Just like being glued for Watergate though…I anticipate a few hours a week will be in watching the dodging of bullets in my own country.
    Enjoy the summer!


  2. I’m guessing you won’t miss much (unless you think following the 37th attempt by House Republicans to overturn Obamacare is time well spent, by them or by you!) Enjoy your “news” fast. I’m sure someone will tell you if anything of actual significance occurs.


    • You’re right Syd. As Will Rogers, my hero says “All politics is applesauce (meaning nonsense) but it does seem like the extreme lately. It will be nice to concentrate on more pleasant things here at RJsCorner. In reality almost everything besides politics is more pleasant. I don’t know who said it but I believe it; “Ignorance is bliss”.


  3. My only update on what is going on “out there” is a check in the morning of the CNN app on my phone. I can find out the important stuff (if there is any) in just a few minutes and then get on with my life.

    Enjoy a reduced blogging output, RJ. Your current schedule with several blogs would wear anyone out.


    • Thanks Bob. Spring and Summer are very busy times for me with all the added yard work and such. I am also actively trying to turn my old truck into a micro RV (uRV). It is a nice hobby but time consuming right now. I just love being outdoors when God gives me such beautiful weather as we are having right now. More time outside means less time in front of the computer and that is a good thing now and then….


  4. I wonder what would happen if we ALL took a vacation from Washington DC–took away the audience. Do you suppose the children would play nicer if they had no one to take sides? Have a great time on your downsized blogging effort (although, it doesn’t seem like much of a vacation, given your dedication to blogging). Smell those apple blossoms and fresh mowed alfalfa. Barb


    • Thanks Barb. I just came in for a break from mowing I love Spring and the time outside. Since I refuse to multitask by mowing and blogging at the same time, the blogging is taking a back burner. 🙂

      As long as Fox News is around those yahoos in Washington will never lack for a crowd. I am becoming enthused with the Centrist Movement to chop off the two extremes and moved everyone else to a center focused party. I can only dream of what we could accomplish. More on that later…..


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