Sectarian Violence…. Cantons

CrackedInstead, three Syrias are emerging: one loyal to the government, to Iran and to Hezbollah; one dominated by Kurds with links to Kurdish separatists in Turkey and Iraq; and one with a Sunni majority that is heavily influenced by Islamists and jihadis….

“The only real outcome I see in the next 5 to 10 years is a series of cantons that agree to tactical cease-fires because they are tired of the bloodletting,” said Mr. Holliday, the analyst with the Institute for the Study of War. “That trajectory is in place, with or without Assad.

Source: Pressure of War Is Causing Syria to Break Apart –

With our “policemen of the world” stands it is difficult to see just what to do with the Syrian situation. But to me is sounds like three very different groups are fighting each other in that country. Of course if we look back into history these types of conflicts are rather common lately. Numerous one-time countries are now three or four separate countries due to sectarian conflicts within their once united country. Is this something that is even solvable by us super-cops?

Globe and map-makers have a constantly changing landscape to try to map. When I sit back and think about it isn’t that what is going on in our country today.  Thank the Lord that our sectarian conflicts have at least for now stayed in a verbal mode but they seem to be just about as severe as others. We seem to be permanently locked into two distinctly different groups of people in this country.

I haven’t seen the word “canton” used in this manner in a long time. One definition I came across is “a small administrative division of a country”. That applies to our current red/blue situation.  There just doesn’t seem to be a solution short of eventual split. But how that split would occur is anyone’s guess.  I just hope that if/when we do split we do it without the violence found in most of these similar situations around the world.

About the only hope I hold onto right now is the Centrist Movement. If we could just let the fringes of the two current parties have them then the rest of us could form a Centrist party. That would be a powerful alternative. But in reality I don’t hold out much hope for that in the near term.

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