Common People….


Will Rogers 6Nobody wants to be called Common People, especially common people.” – Will Rogers, 21 June 1925

Let’s face it, no one likes to think that they are common. We all like to see ourselves as different from everyone else. As teenagers we spend an inordinate amount to time to make ourselves different. So much so that teenagers all end up being pretty common. 🙂

About the worst insult you can give anyone is to call them common.  Many of us refuse to believe in statistical analysis that can show in advance what we think or who we will vote for. If we are that predictable then we must be pretty common.

But we all have to eventually face the fact that outside our immediate families there is very little about most of us that will remain after we are gone.  Our thoughts and actions will pretty much be thrown on the trash heap of time.

Will thought of himself as a pretty common guy and therefore didn’t get the “big head” very often but he is one of the few who actually outlived his body being six foot under. His words and inspirations will live on  because of that fact.  So maybe the answer to all this gibberish is to not get too upset about being called common.  Who knows who the next Will Roger might be? Who will be the next guy that has much wisdom beyond his share?

But I am just a common guy so what do I know. 😉

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