Self Made…..

“A real self-made man would have to be one who had received no learning or knowledge, or assistance from any person or source.” – Will Rogers, 28 October 1923

MeI really appreciate your words here Will. There is really no such thing as a self made man.  I have run across so many people who proudly claim to be self made.  There is a definite whiff of arrogance in every one of them. There is even a car guy on cable that has those words tattooed on his fingers.  He proudly says he built his business totally on his own.

Being the social liberal that I am, I fall into the category of “it takes a village to raise a child” mentality. None of us are really self made. When we were growing up we had our heroes to admire and our mentors to emulate.  We start out in the mode that we don’t know what we don’t know and with the help of others go from there. Our teachers through the years, some probably more so than others, gave us the tools to learn what we needed to know to be a success in whatever field we would ultimately choose. Of course, our parents provided us with a safe and nurturing environment that made learning possible and more than likely someone gave us that “break” that started everything off.

When we ultimately got on the job there were those who taught us the ropes in our chosen profession. We were certainly green and would probably have remained so without their guidance. No one comes into this world prepared to be a success at anything except maybe breathing. 🙂 To proudly claim that “I did it alone” is probably the ultimate form of narcissism.