Purpose in Life…..

abyssTwo long years, in which all I did was stare at the endless abyss, not sure if I was meant to jump or not, scared that the jump wouldn’t fix anything. All I needed was an escape, and the abyss wasn’t willing to offer me one.

It took me two years to realize that life isn’t really worth living unless you want something. Until you have an impossible dream, an ideal to strive towards. Until you have something to fight for, you simply exist.

SOURCE:  Over the edge… « Cristian Mihai.

My young Romanian friend Cristian Mihai certainly gives me a lot to think about. His post above reflects into a troubled part of his life. In some ways I don’t think it is that unusual for young people,  or anyone else for that matter, to have such feelings.  Until we find a purpose in life we all stare, to one degree or another, into that endless abyss. From looking at this commentor’s list it appears that most of this visitors are young like him and probably totally relate to what he is saying.  Of course he is on to something here. If you cannot see a purpose in life it makes it much harder to face things day in and day out.

It has been many decades since I was a teenager back in the 1960s but I too remember such thoughts. They were maybe not as dark as his but they were probably just as intense.  I was a moody kid who spent hours out on the dewy mid-night lawn staring up at the stars and wondering where I fit in this unending universe. I dreamed about what my life would be about when I was older. I distinctly remember thinking I would probably not live to see the year 2000 and if I did I would be too old to even enjoy it.  After all I would be 54 years old!  Looking back instead of forward does change your perspective. 🙂

Let’s get back to the original purpose of this post and that is purpose. One of the many things that gives me purpose in life is my spirituality. It is trying to love all my brothers in life and to do what Christ told me to do. This has been central to my life especially in my retirement years. Better late than never I guess.  When I became disenchanted with current day religious establishments I was to one degree staring back into Cristian’s abyss. It was not until I realized that the problem was outside of myself that the abyss faded away.  What I am trying to say I guess is that I hope my young friend realizes that the abyss does not disappear simply because it has been defeated once. All of us, especially those of us who are older will face it numerous times.

Having a purpose driven life is critical to a satisfying and happy life.  Rick Warren made millions telling us that but even he has faced his own personal abyss. I hope my Romanian friend does not get as discouraged the next time he faces his.

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