Why Blog???


bloggerMy young Romanian blogger friend Cristian Mihai stated recently that one of the reasons he blogs is because he is lonely. Another is that he has to blog/write.  To not do so would deny his very existence. After reading those words and others from various bloggers I have started to think at a deeper, more fundamental level, just why do why I put so much energy into blogging.

  • Some Blog for fame. My readership is meager by many standards so I do not blog for fame. Fame seems to corrupt most that accomplish it anyway so maybe the lack of fame is really a good thing. I need to stay humble to do my job here on earth.
  • Some blog to vent their anger about what the world is doing. I am not one of those. I think those that do that are actually blogging more from fear than anger. I will not let fear or anger have that much of a hold on my life. I actually pity those who blog for that reason. I don’t blog from anger but sometimes I do blog from frustration.
  • Some say that bloggers are just lonely; they want to interact with others. There might be some truth to that for me. Being deaf it is hard to have these kinds of conversations with others in a face-to-face manner. It is more than hard; it is darn near impossible. I think that being lonely is one of the reasons I blog but it is only a minor reason. 
  • Some say that they blog to vent their feelings and to maybe add a little to the overall conversation. I think I fit pretty comfortably in that category. I know that what I say here will not change much about the things I discuss. But even if I just put a micro-nudge in someone’s mind to look at something a little differently I would be satisfied.
  • For most blogging is a very personal matter. To be good at it you must blog for yourself and not others. When I try to self-censor myself in certain areas I feel that I have somehow defeated the purpose of the time I spend in front of a computer. Yes, I must be true to myself but in order to be read I must also blog about things that are of interest to others.  I must blog about things I am passionate about. I must write things that people can relate to on a personal level.

This last week I have been on hiatus. It has given me time to reflect just why I spend so much energy blogging. Next time I will give you the three major reasons why I blog and will probably continue to blog for my remaining years….


  1. Very good post, R.J., a true introspective of yourself and other bloggers. I’m glad you are not too famous because those blogs usually end up selling themselves or their books or something and in my opinion deteriorate in content. Your blog is broad, sometimes personal, often political, and always respectful. Christian has clearly been an good influence on your writing. As long as you keep writing, I for one will keep reading. Thank you for your real and honest conversations with all of us out here in the web-world!


    • Thank you Jane for your kind words. I am humbled by them.

      I just got back from the soup kitchen; I am doing double duty that as the full time cook is off a couple of weeks to recoup from surgery. I hope my old bones keep up with all the challenges ahead. 🙂

      That header picture was taken at our county fair this year but as the header comment says it could have been taken almost anywhere. The county fair is THE highlight event for our small town so we often see many of our neighbors there.


    • Thanks Barb. Yeah that is a common thread of so many who blog. We just get joy out of writing and thinking. Many of my posts are written in just a few minutes but then go through several edits before finally being released. I am always looking for just the right word to relay a thought. I am a regular viewer of your blog too. We seem to share a common joy. I sure am glad that Al Gore invented the internet so we could find an audience and each other.. 🙂


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