No Shame….

No Shame

I am old enough to remember when another small group of radical wing nuts took over control of the GOP. In the 1950s they ran around accusing anyone they disagreed with politically of being a communist. They held hours of useless hearing. The four words above finally took them down. Enough Republicans  finally gathered the courage to took back control of their party.

I am hoping for the same result this time around. When a small faction of the GOP can get the others to vote more than forty times to take away affordable healthcare to 30 million of our citizens, something needs to change.  Will they allow this small group of radicals who seem to truly hate government to allow us to default as a nation.  The jury is still out on that premise.

I pray that the majority in the GOP, even if they are ever so slight a majority, gather up the guts to finally tell theirTea Party member to piss off as the British say. Have they no shame?  I’m sure all those up on Mount Rushmore, especially Mr. Lincoln who was the founder of the Republican party, are turning over in their graves seeing what we have allowed a slight minority to get away with. I have heard that all the Tea Party nuts represent no more than 15% of the people of this nation.  How sad is it to see what they have managed to do and even worse to see what they might do in a few weeks with the debt ceiling…..