It is interesting to see that 75% of our current deficits came from Republican administrations….

To appease one of my commentors the chart above was apparently generated from 2010 data. See the comments to learn more….

6 thoughts on “Deficits…

  • Provocative pie chart, but the data appears wrong. The cumulative deficits since Obama has been in office total $6.1 Trillion (only $4.7 Trillion if you exclude his entire first year which arguably wasn’t entirely his). The graph only allocates him $2.4 Trillion, so his slice is off by $2.3 Trillion currently. And the OMB projects he will be responsible for $8.3 Trillion of deficits (even after the forced Republican “sequester cuts”) by the end of his final year in office. Then he’ll be “responsible” for almost 50% of the total national debt, all by himself! (see


    • Yeah Erik, you are right. This piechart was from 2010. The guy who put it up failed to mention that. I should have caught it. Here is the data through 2012.

      As you say a big chunk of the debt for Obama was for the bailout.
      Thanks for catching it….


    • Give me a break Janette, its the weekend. Besides it is not incorrect just dated. Really….

      But even with 2012 data Democrats have contributed about 35% instead of 27%. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like deficits anymore than you do. Who does? But the Republicans have to take their share of the blame. They seem to want to pile it all on their foes. No surprise there I guess…


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