Reacting Or Creating…..

Creative2I recently read an article that said bloggers are either creating or reacting but I kind of think it is a combination of both.  Lots of things float around in my brain throughout each day. I always have a notepad available to jot down some of the more noteworthy thoughts but many escape before I can recall them. I like to think that even when I use some initial thoughts from someone else I put a creative spin on it and usually take it into a completely different direction.

Will Rogers, who everyone who has read even a few of my posts know, is a hero of mine. He got most of his post ideas from current events and as he said “what I read in the newspaper”. I try to mirror him in that regard but have morphed it into the 21st century world. But I admit that it is getting harder and harder to keep my sanity while listening to all those yahoos in Washington. So many there seem to now take the opposite tract from Will’s saying “I never met a man I didn’t like”.  There are just too many there who seem to have a vicious hatred for anyone who has different views from them. They would rather see the country go down in flames instead of giving in to all of their constantly changing “principles”.

Am I mostly reacting or creating? I don’t know. Maybe when all this “going to the edge of the abyss” crap is over I can get back to some more pleasant thoughts. At least I hope so. I love passing on quotes from those wise people who have occupied this earth before us.  We need to learn from their wisdom in order to keep this old world going.

I love talking about my travels and delving into my rather vast library of U.S. history, especially at the ordinary people level.  I realize this sort of thing is maybe an acquired taste so to speak so I am currently in the process of creating another blog dedicated to those thoughts. I will be giving you more info about that in the next month or so.   I started the project in mid-summer but really didn’t have adequate time to spend on it.  As the seasons move to Fall/Winter I will have more “indoor” time to get it done.  The table tops in front of my shelves are already piled high with reference material. My photo portfolio is being sorted now and my e-books related to local histories are already in the appropriate folders.

A lot of things are on my agenda but that is the way I like it. I get bored just sitting around…. 🙂