Heavy Traffic Clogs – and Delights – Obamacare Insurance Sites

SocialistRoughly 4.7 million Americans went online Tuesday to browse the Obamacare health insurance exchanges prompting HealthCare.gov administrators to increase the site’s server capacity and create a new “wait page” to hold a person’s place in line until the site can load properly.

On top of the Web traffic, 190,000 Americans used federal health insurance exchange call centers and another 104,000 requested live chats.

“Now that quality, affordable coverage is within reach, we’re seeing that pent up demand break through, underscoring once again how important it was to fix our broken health care system,” Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services spokesman Richard Olague told ABCNews.com.

SOURCE:  Heavy Traffic Clogs – and Delights – Obamacare Insurance Sites – ABC News.

It just seems my conservative friends are looking for anything to put down the Affordable Care Act. They are presently ranting about how the national website is having troubles keeping up with the demand. Isn’t that the same as saying that it is in much demand. If everyone hates Obamacare then why are so many racing to sign up?

I watched Orin Hatch the other day on one of the cable news channels saying, like many in his party, that socialized medicine will bring down the country if we allow it to continue. He never gave any specific reasons for his feeling other than “it is socialized medicine”. Sometimes I wish I were one of these interviewers. I think I could ask them some questions that everyone really wants to know. I would ask “if socialized medicine is so bad then why is Medicare, which is the biggest example of socialized medicine in this country so popular.?” Or maybe I would ask “does that mean if you are able to get rid of Obamacare is Medicare next on your list?”

There are millions of very satisfied customers of socialized medicine in this country and many many more throughout the world. In fact socialized medicine is the norm for almost every other country in the world.  I think that for so many the word “socialist” bring back the feeling of the cold war age. If it is socialist it must be evil. Maybe we just need to come up with a different word for all this stuff. Something that wouldn’t scare all those old fuddy-duddies in Washington so much. But then again doesn’t almost everything scare them. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Heavy Traffic Clogs – and Delights – Obamacare Insurance Sites

  • Even the name, Social Security, sounds evil for those who see “socialized” anything as a plot to destroy the country. Every April 15th I am reminded that the IRS has the power to put me in jail if I don’t follow their rules. That’s pretty “socialized.”

    The ACA is just the latest boogeyman for people to rail against. It is not the first, nor will it be the last.


    • Thanks for the comments Bob. Yeah fear is a very dominant things with so many of my conservative friends. I think when they don’t have enough to be afraid of they are fearful that they are not fearful enough. Spiral logic does not evade them. 🙂


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