Why Do Republicans Hate Obamacare?….

Obamacare2I recently googled the above title and then spent an hour looking at the first one hundred or so sources that came back. I was hoping someone would give some insight into why Republicans, without exception in congress, hate something that gives people the opportunity to purchase affordable healthcare. I was really looking for some well nuanced explanation of what is wrong with Obamacare.  I was  open to any common sense arguments about this four year old law that is finally being implemented.

Instead what I got was:

  • Republicans hate Obamacare because it mandates personal insurance. — Never mind that every State in the nation requires you to obtain a State issued drivers license and get mandatory car insurance. Never mind that a Supreme Court pretty much controlled by ultra-conservatives, ruled that the individual mandate is constitutional. Republicans who hate Obamacare just don’t seem to like any mandates and I think that even includes stop signs. They deem them an intrusion into their personal liberties.
  • Republicans hate Obamacare because a Democrat pushed it through congress — Never mind that for the most part what ended up as Obamacare was actually a Republican plan in the 1990s. Never mind that it is very much like RomneyCare in its implementation and execution. Never mind that RomneyCare is now considered a success by most in that State. Now I could see a slight validity in this reason if a single payer system which was originally sought had actually happened.
  • Republicans hate Obamacare because it is socialized medicine  – I am not really sure if any of these yahoos even know what socialized medicine means.  Do they realize that Medicare, Medicaid and military healthcare plans are a form of socialized medicine? Do they realize that the recipients are very satisfied with those plans and if they tried to eliminate them they would practically be tar and feathered?
  • Republicans hate Obamacare because it is going to bankrupt the country  — Never mind that another government insurance plan (Medicare) is widely acknowledged to be the most efficient healthcare plan on this country. Never mind that most of the rest of the world has implemented a true single payer system and as a result has reigned in their healthcare costs.  Now I realize that since Obamacare is not single-payer as it should be it will never be as efficient as Medicare but to say it will bankrupt us is a huge exaggeration. It has been accomplished in many other countries in the world without that happening.

When I started this study I was really hoping to see a list provided by some intelligent conservative that might give me reasons why Obamacare is so bad  for the country.  Lord knows I have asked repeatedly any conservative who might happen to view one of my posts here to help me understand this hatred they have for the Affordable Care Act.  I have finally come to the realization that they hate Obamacare because their talking heads tell them too. How sad is it that this hatred is placed far above anything that might be accomplished in its place. If Republicans would just give up their hatred for this and so many other things they could get down to business in improving this law so that they even might eventually like it.

I simply don’t understand the conservative logic behind the vile hatred of providing all of our citizens affordable healthcare….