I Am Weird…..

FearI admit up front that for my generation It seems I am just weird. I am the first of the baby boomers and I am now officially a senior citizen. Being a senior citizen I am told by the media that:

  • I must fear change when in fact I embrace it.
  • I must fear the changing demographics when in fact I celebrate it.
  • I must fear immigrants when in fact I am more than happy to see them come.
  • I must fear the loss of morality when in fact I see much of that as someone else’ version of morality.
  • I must fear a lack of security when in fact I think our obsession for it causes more insecurity.

I guess I am just a weird person who doesn’t fit the mold society is trying to put me in. I continue to have at least some level of optimism about our ability to accept changes and to quit being so fearful about so much. 


  1. I join you too as a weird retiree! Life is all about how we choose to view it. I try to live by the idea that if we change our attitude, we can change our lives.


    1. You have found the secret to a happy life there my friend. It is not the problems in life that cause us grief but the way we address them. Quit looking at everyone else as the enemy and life then seems basically very different. Embrace change, don’t fear it. I have managed to do that for many aspects of my life. Now if I can get my mind off all this rancid DC stuff. I would be even happier.. 😉


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