Man’s Best Friend…

Dogs“No man can be condemned for owning a dog. In fact you admire him, ’cause as long he’s got a dog he’s got a friend, and the poorer he gets the better friend he has.” – Will Rogers, 8 May 1927

Wouldn’t it be nice if, in some ways, we were more like our canine friends. They don’t judge us on how much money we make or how many friends we have on FaceBook. They simply love us for who we are. It doesn’t matter that we might be physically or mentally impaired in one way or another, or even if we were homeless. They love us anyway.  I believe that every person can learn something from any other person if only we take the time to do that. Maybe I should add dogs to that list. They seem to be better than us at learning some life lessons than we are.

I love my wife of twenty-eight years but still get annoyed when she tries to change me in one way or another. But that is just her nature; she seems to have it as a primary task in life to make me a “better” person. Now I am not saying that I couldn’t use some improvements but I kind of like myself just as I am, weirdness and all. 🙂

All my life I have had dogs around and I can’t remember a single one who didn’t love me just for who I am.

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