Teddy Roosevelt…


I think Teddy Roosevelt was probably my second all-time favorite Republican. Of course Lincoln was number one.  If only Mr. Bush had  followed in his fellow Republican’s footsteps one hundred years later instead of going to the opposite extreme. Thank you President Roosevelt for taking the bully pulpit as a trust buster for the common good of the people.

4 thoughts on “Teddy Roosevelt…

  1. What a great quote…I’ve never heard that one before. It really is just as, or even more relevant today than in 1912. We need government to protect us from the big corporations and banks. But, we also need to watch our backs from the elected officials who pander to those guys. It’s a complicated world and it’s easy to become paranoid isn’t it?


    1. Hello Jane. When I read about the circumstances of one hundred years ago I too see a great similarity to our current times. The rich exploiting the poor is nothing new in our world but sometimes it, like a festered pimple, just needs to be burst. I think this is one of those time. Having elected officials in their pockets was paramount to keeping their power. Fortunately Teddy was just not into be in anyone’s pocket. 🙂

      It certainly is a complicated and often paranoid world. Sometimes it is healthy to just take a step back from that. More on that soon…


  2. Great quote with much truth in it and Jane is right for sometimes we also have to watch/restrain elected officials who sometimes forget that their job is to do what is in the best interest of the public and not of themselves. The world is complicated but then again I guess it was complicated in 1913 as well! Where are our TR’s today? Mike


    1. I wish we could find at least one. I am thinking of maybe Elizabeth Warren?

      I saw a little of a segment today where a reporter was interviewing a politician and the politician made the comment that he has to be very careful about what he says if he wants to get re-elected. The reporter came back with “shouldn’t you be more concerned about those who elected you than about yourself”. The politician just seemed dumfounded as to how to answer that question….


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