Old School….


One of my neighbors is just an old-school type of guy. He continues to burn off the leaves around his house instead of composting them or using some other more environmentally friendly method of disposing them.  In many ways he continues to hang on to the ways of the past. He is radically conservative anti-Obama in a very Red State so he fits quite nicely in his environs; much more so than I do.  We seldom agree on things of a political nature. But…. despite our political, and often environmental, differences we continue to be good neighbors and pretty good friends.

We both have a very reverent place in our lives for our versions of God. We both recognize the humanity of man. I think my neighbor would give me the shirt off his back if I asked for it.  But he is an old-school type of guy. 🙂

One thought on “Old School….

  1. Burning fields seems to be very midwestern. It keeps certain non native trees in check and releases grass seed from certain types of grasses. It releases a bit of protein into grasses as well (I don’t know how that works- but that is what I have been told). It is also controlled- so it burns much cooler.
    Are you worried that his burning will release too much gas into the air or that it is just too dangerous? We haven’t conducted a burn since we have lived here- because of the second reason. The conservation district has asked us if THEY can conduct a burn on our land in the spring since we adjoin the conservation area. Should be interesting.


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