Fear Your Fellow Man….

Jesus clearly told us again and again to love your fellow-man. As a matter of fact he said all the commandments and previous prophets melted down to loving God and loving each other. Nothing else is nearly as important. Why do we find it so hard to even begin to live up to that command.

For so many of us, particularly those in the U.S. are instead fixated on fearing our fellow-man. That fear seems to drive so much of our lives and particularly our politics.  We take away money previously allocated to helping the “least of these” and put it instead into an already our over-bloated war machine.

We fear foreigners so we want to lock our borders down to keep them out. We fear each other to the point of thinking we need to carry a concealed weapon to defend ourselves. Let’s face it, fear drives much of our lives here in the U.S. What if we took Jesus’ words to heart and really tried love instead of fear? What would happen if we took the Good Samaritan approach to life instead of having it driven by fear?

I personally try my best to not let fear drive my daily living as so many around me appear to do.

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