If We Let Nature Take Its Course, We Would All Be Dead of Cholera or COVID

To me, the statement “Let nature take its course” is kinda synonymous with “It’s in God’s hands”. Saying that seems to put some people at ease for not doing something personally to solve the problems of the world. Another is that they don’t trust anything that they don’t understand. Science is all about understanding the mysteries of nature. We simply can’t wait for the universe … Continue reading If We Let Nature Take Its Course, We Would All Be Dead of Cholera or COVID

Perhaps the Most Serious Long-Term Damage

Perhaps the most serious long-term damage that Trump has propagated is religion. Of course, in this case he was only the catalyst, not the only one primarily responsible for that. For the most part, individual religious institutions have done pretty severe damage to themselves. One of those religious leaders that comes to the top of this deadly heap is Franklin Graham. He took over the … Continue reading Perhaps the Most Serious Long-Term Damage

Out Of Fear Comes Paranoia

77% of Republicans believe everything Trump says. That can only be explained through the state of paranoia and paranoia as shown to the right comes primarily from a heightened level of fear and delusions of persecution. I know my Republican friends who might read this will be upset by this definition of them. I just hope they, just for a few seconds, take my words … Continue reading Out Of Fear Comes Paranoia

Tribal Instincts…

Tribal instincts are still a powerful force in today’s world. There is no better evidence of that than the MAGA/Evangelical clan and others who will mindlessly vote for #CO3, the current Oval Office occupant. This group did not start with him, but he has chiseled them into adoring him above logic/truth/compassion/empathy/. I could go on an on…. Those who blindly pull the same party lever … Continue reading Tribal Instincts…

Understanding MAGA – Chapter 72

I have been diligently trying to understand the rationale that some folks have in praising Trump. One of those efforts was to read a book entitled In Defense Of Elitism by Joel Stein. The author was recently interviewed on the PBS Newshour of which I am a regular viewer. Some points I gleaned from the book is what this post is all about.

Continue reading “Understanding MAGA – Chapter 72”

When Fear Is Your Religion

This post is based on 14 fears that dominate many in the MAGA version of the GOP. These fears were mostly gathered from a post by John Pavlovitz over at StuffThatNeedsToBeSaid. It is about how fear can totally paralyze a person’s worldview. There are many reasons to be fearful in this world today and these folks seem determined to find all of them even if they are myth. That is what this post is about.

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What Other People Think About You…

Are you a worrier? Do you worry about what other people think about you? If so, it just might be preventing you from being who you were meant to be. According to many studies, people driven by worry are some of the least happy people in the world. About the only thing that does more damage to your personal life than worry is an irrational fear. … Continue reading What Other People Think About You…

What’s It Feel Like For a White Man To Be A Minority??

I know one of the reasons that we have the current incompetent in the White House is that too many white men are afraid of becoming a minority.  They are afraid of what will happen when their say is no longer the dominant one but instead one of many. For the most part white men have been dismissing minorities for decades and don’t want that … Continue reading What’s It Feel Like For a White Man To Be A Minority??