Convention Report – A Wrap Up…

I am so relieved that the GOP conventions is finally over. Perhaps this will be their last one. Who knows?? As pointed by the quote below Mr. Trump sees a vastly different America than I do. But then… Read More

Fear On Steroids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Walt Handelsam for summing up the perspective of the convention currently taking place in Cleveland Ohio. For the last couple of decades fear has always taken center stage in the GOP philosophy and it is certainly THE… Read More

How To Exclude…

I guess Mr. Gingrich is still trying to be the VP choice for the egomaniac  candidate. His words below are a total affront to the basic meaning of America.  It is equivalent to the witch hunts or at… Read More

We Don’t Really Need Their Votes…

Its about time the the Democratic Party quit even trying to pander to the racist southern white vote. They are going to hate Democrats until the day they die. It was heartening to see that the latest Democratic… Read More

My Small Town And Crime…

I am going into my seventeenth year living in my small town in southwestern Indiana.  It is a town of about 2,000 people and a county of 20,000.  It is in the bottom 20% of the State in… Read More

The Bathroom Issue…

Being a self proclaimed Red Letter Christian I am a constant follower of this website. The article below states that everyone is ignorant until they learn about a subject.  This article is about the anti-transgender law recently passed… Read More

Rich people have nowhere to put their money. This is a serious problem.

These facts are being treated as grand mysteries by most commentators. But may I invoke Occam’s Razor and suggest the simplest explanation is the right one: There’s not enough stuff going on in the economy that’s worth investing… Read More


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