Being A Minority..

2016-11-28_09-44-02.pngI struggled to come up with a bio post for this week as I have spent most of my attention lately on trying to figure out how we got here and where we are going. But then that thought merged with my personal story to bring about this post of being a minority.  I do believe that one of the most significant reasons why Mr. Trump was elected was the Democrats fixation on minorities and the Republicans fear of them. These two conditions  drove many to vote for Mr. Trump.  But aren’t we all minorities in some regard or another? When I look at my life I find that I am a minority in many different areas:

I am a Progressive  living in Indiana — That and my college education makes me a minority in my home State.

I am just not a macho guy — I hate the very idea of macho. To me it is about putting down others and strutting around saying how great I am.  Having an extreme narcissist as a mother, I went in the opposite direction.  I seem to be a distinct minority in this regard.

I just don’t like sports — I have never been much of a sports guy either in participation or as a spectator.  I have not watched a sporting event in over two decades.   I am a definite minority in this respect.

I am Pro-life — That doesn’t sound like a minority until I add “in all regards”. That is I am against abortion, the death penalty, war, and guns. Yeah that makes me a minority.

I am deaf — I became deaf about thirty years ago and was pretty hearing impaired decades before that. I know that all of us who are deaf make up less than 1% of the population so that makes me a serious minority.

I am short — I am now 5′ 6″ in height and that definitely puts me well below the national average. I was once 4 inches taller, that is before osteoporosis and compression fractures in my back took over my life.

I am a free thinker — Questioning everything makes me a free thinker. It just seems that most today are too lazy to actually study a topic to determine whether they should be for or against it. They just latch on to  whatever their “gut feelings” might be on any particular topic or just jump on to what others tell them to think.  Being a free thinker makes me a minority.

I am an Aspie — I have had Asperger’s Syndrome all my life but just recently discovered it.  Even though the data for adults is pretty weak it seems that less then 1% of us have this condition.  It made growing up more difficult but I have learned to actually take advantage of this condition in some ways.

So here I am a minority in eight different areas of life. I know that the majority of those who recently voted for Mr. Trump have a serious fear of minorities but take it from a guy who is a one percent of the one percent minority,  you have nothing to fear from me… or almost anyone else for that matter. You just need to start looking at people with love instead of fear….

Part 4 – How Did We Get Here — It Was All About Impatience… And Money..

GetHere Banner  Watergate was the scandal of my generation and the phrase by “Deep Throat” to “follow the money” rings as true now as it did then. How could a person with such a flawed character become president.  The answer is to “follow the money”.

2016-11-28_14-55-22Yes there is definitely a racist part of the Trump base but they alone could never have elected our future president. The majority of the 20% of our population who put him in the office were people who felt they have been wronged by the world for the last twenty years or more. Some are the ones who once had lucrative factory jobs that have since been replaced by foreign labor or robots. Their primary goal was to change the status quo, or to “drain the swamp” as they put it. I definitely am aligned with that thought but I was not willing to use Mr. Trump as my change agent.  I was waiting around for a better possibility.
I am not really a patient person in almost any regard but I saw the current outsider as just too unstable to meet the task at hand. I was willing to patiently wait until someone else came upon the scene who was better suited to sit in the Oval Office.  Maybe that person was Bernie but since the Democratic establishment had already crowned Hillary as the heir apparent he was brushed aside. A Sanders vs Trump election certainly would have been an interesting one! Read more

Time Is Running Out…


TL Banner   Time is running out for all of us. Everyday our life is getting closer to the end. For some of us our time left on this earth is very short and for others it is comparably longer. It is not the amount of time we have left that is important but what we do with it. We can lay back and worry about dying  and fear others who might take our life away from us or we can accept that our time is running out as inevitable and just live life the best we can. The choice is ours.

Too many of my conservative friends seem to be fixated on keeping terrorists out of the country. It is almost their top priority. But the measures they are willing to take to make  their fear go away totally overwhelm the benefits of the accomplishment. We are a country of immigrants. Very few of us have ancestors who were here in the beginning.

I personally love variety in life. I love beginning and endings, its the middle part I don’t particularly like. The middle part is the humdrum of life. To me it is the boring part. In my mind if you are not constantly changing then you are not growing.

I know my time on this earth is running out and that the bottom half of my personal hourglass is much fuller than the top. While I am overall at least pretty pleased on how I have used my time on earth, there is also much disappointment in how I wasted so much of it in worrying about the small stuff instead of living it to its fullest. To bad we are not born with the wisdom we often have towards the end…

All About Fear…

Fear, and particularly fear of death, is a somewhat useless emotion. As the quote below mentions death eventually takes 100% of us so you shouldn’t fixate on it and waste your life in the process. Yes, every minute you are alive there is a chance, no matter how minute, that a terrorist or just some mentally disturbed person might end your life. But there is also a chance which is probably greater that you will be struck by lightening.

The simple fact of being alive means a constant risk of death, steadily growing to 100 percent. At any moment a blood vessel might pop in your brain, or your heart might give out, or you could be hit by a car crossing the street, killing you instantly. You might be felled by a silent gas leak, or your own cells gone haywire, or simply falling down in the shower.

2016-09-24_10-50-35.pngIn order to live any sort of reasonable life, you cannot be constantly flipping out about the inevitability of onrushing death.You’ve got to summon up some combination of looking past it, and accepting danger without panic — what we might call courage. Some unusually idealistic people have even been known to argue that mortal danger is worth chancing to preserve a certain form of government, where innocent people, no matter their ethnic or religious background, can go about their business free from state oppression.

Trump’s willingness to indulge unconstitutional bigotry to deal with terrorism is not courage, and it’s not “tough.” It’s nothing more than a weak, frightened man indulging the worst human instincts by enacting a worthless and unfair charade on the backs of an unpopular minority.

Source: The cowardice of Trump

The words above are pointed toward Mr. Trump and his obsession with instilling fear in each of us.  I like the idea of courage being accepting the inevitability of death and then looking past it without panic. Of course Mr. Trump has a wide audience for his obsession with fear. Too many of us are just down right cowards when it come to fear. I remain hopeful that his base is a small minority of us citizens that that he will be thoroughly beaten in about a month. He spent the last eight years on his birther conspiracy, I’m sure he will find something similar to do in the next eight, that is if he isn’t killed by terrorists in the mean time.

My father was one of those people who just didn’t want to talk about death in any form. Even toward the end when it was clearly in sight he simply didn’t want to talk about it.  That is not one of the genes I inherited from him.  Fear just doesn’t have much of a priority in my life. I know I am going to die and if my genes hold out it will be in the next decade or so but that fact just doesn’t occupy my mind very often.

I try to live and appreciate each day as it comes, even if it might be my last…

Convention Report – A Wrap Up…

I am so relieved that the GOP conventions is finally over. Perhaps this will be their last one. Who knows?? As pointed by the quote below Mr. Trump sees a vastly different America than I do. But then again he probably sees EVERYTHING vastly different than I do.

Throughout this campaign, whenever he has talked about America, it’s only been to claim that the country is a bottomless pit of suffering and despair. The unemployment rate is over 40 percent! Crime is skyrocketing! Terrorists are everywhere! Illegal aliens are pouring over our borders like never before! We don’t make anything! We never win anymore! The whole world is laughing at us!…

And that’s what he served up Thursday night: a litany of horrors, painting a picture of the dark present which only he and he alone can deliver us from, all presented with over an hour of relentless, loud, sweaty shouting….

There were no interesting turns of phrase, no themes introduced and repeated, no rhythm, no emotional crescendo, and certainly nothing to suggest that its authors gave the barest thought to trying to persuade any voter who hasn’t already bought his “Trump That Bitch” t-shirt.

But it will be remembered nonetheless, for how well it captured Donald Trump’s personality and campaign. It was ugly and blunt and narcissistic and frightening, and if it had nothing but bad things to say about America? Well what could describe Donald Trump’s candidacy better than that?

Source: Donald Trump’s acceptance speech was both ghastly and absurd. How fitting.

The last four days have been very depressing, I can’t imagine what they would have been like if I hadn’t limited my exposure to a severe degree.  No, I don’t think we are on the verge of total destruction as he describes. Actually we are in infinitely better straits than we were eight years ago. No, not everything is perfect and some have been pretty much left behind in the prosperity but it is nothing that can’t be fixed without totally taking down the system.

At the end of these four days there is one thing that I gained and that is faith.

I have faith:

  • that the vast majority see Trump for what he is and will not buy into his false rants and accusations.
  • that all those he has been alienating  will turn up at the polls in November to officially register their dislike for him.
  • that we will not allow the hatred that permeate so many in that convention center  to result in us throwing away our underlying values and decency. Party over Principles is DEAD WRONG.
  • that most of us embrace our diversity as a nation as a good thing, not something to be shut down.
  • that we will overthrow the GOP propagated fear that surrounds us.

For these reasons I have vowed not to worry about the coming election. We will continue to live up to our dreams and principles despite a narcissist egomaniac who managed to hijack one of our political parties…. he will be gone soon enough…