This map shows just how far down this cold weather goes today.  We are at -14 right now with a wind chill of -40! Our neighbors across the road power went down yesterday and it is still out but ours was OK, thank the Lord. They moved in with family in town. The lady next to them also lost power; she will be our guest for the next few days until sanity returns..

These are the rare times when it is dangerous for us senior citizens to be living in the countryside. I hope all my other neighbors are safe this week…..

This kind of weather would make a snowbird out of almost all of us.  That is except for my wife, she ignores the hazards and clings to the beauty…

Winter In Indiana 001

Winter In Indiana 002

5 thoughts on “COLD!!!!!

  1. Wow. Just wow. I’m almost afraid to tell you that I’m sitting outside here in Palm Springs, CA in shorts right now. Which is certainly why the RV park we are at is full of license plates from as far north as Alaska.

    Yes, very dangerous temps indeed. Hopefully you have a backup generator or even a woodpile in the event your power gets impacted at some point.


    1. Thanks for the sympathy Tamara. I would really like to be sitting right beside you right now. Maybe on the other side of Mike. 🙂

      We live in a renovated 1925 farm house and left the old “front” furnace in and added another to the back of the house. The front furnace is acting up but as long as the newer one holds up we will be ok. Warmer weather is coming on Wednesday and it is even supposed to get above zero tomorrow so the light at the end is there teasing us. I just want this week over….. (ha)


  2. It’s about 5:00 and it’s 13 below zero right now in Minneapolis. That is the high for today. Tonight we are back to about 20 below and more of the same tomorrow….then it is supposed to break and be above 30 by the weekend! Is that crazy or what? So far, cars are starting okay…that’s the big concern. All Minnesota schools were closed today and will be again tomorrow. It’s been a few years since we’ve had a real winter like this one. Luckily we didn’t get all the snow that you did, R.J. The pictures of the snow are beautiful tho…I agree with your wife on that one. But losing power iin a rural area is a deal breaker….I would be looking at homes in the nearest town!


  3. I forgot to mention…the news reported that there is a real positive to these cold temps. In regard to the Emerald Ash Borer which is rapidly killing the Ash trees here and elsewhere …. about 60 % of the larvae are killed off at -20 degrees….and by -30 degrees 98% die. That is great news!


    1. Leave it to you Jane to find the positive side to everything. 🙂 Thank you for that. Let’s all try to stay warm and get through this period. I guess it shows our pioneer stock that we can even survive these types of conditions.


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