There is No Left Brain/Right Brain Divide..

brainYou are hardly alone if you believe that humanity is divided into two great camps: the left-brain and the right-brain thinkers – those who are logical and analytical versus those who are intuitive and creative. For years, an industry of books, tests and videos has flourished on this concept. It seems to be natural law.

Except, it isn’t.

SOURCE: There is No Left Brain/Right Brain Divide |

I think this story is missing the point when it comes to right brain vs. left brain.  It is not so important to whether the differences are in the left/right or the top/bottom but that they do indeed exist.  Many times in my life I really wish I was more creative than I am.  But it seems I am stuck with the analytical prowess over creativity.  That allowed me to become a pretty proficient information tech guy who designed and wrote several “specialized-killer-aps”.  But I just can’t seem to come up with a really creative header for this blog.  Even after hours of attempt. 🙂

There is no doubt in my mind that a degree creativity is something more ingrained than learned.  Some of us are just much more creative than others.   Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that I am without creativity.  I understand that starting and maintaining this blog requires creativity. I pride myself in being able to look at things from a different view than most. After I left the corporate world I spent seven years designing and fabricating cabinets and furniture for some pretty discerning customers. I know that is my creative side coming out but I sure wish I had more of it. Then again, maybe I am just a creative hog and can’t ever get enough of it.  I seem to always want more! 😉

Getting back to the source story, being a scientist I understand the need to be precise in our understanding but I kind of think the left/right brain thing is more conceptual than physiological in nature. We all hear the stories about how the brain is able to re-wire itself after some traumatic injury.

There is much to be still learned about the function of the brain. I believe we are on the cleft of some pretty outstanding discoveries in this area.

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