Cantonese Sign Language

2013-12-10_08-13-49Americans “A forefinger pointed towards the temple and twirled rapidly to indicate craziness.”

SOURCE:  Cantonese Sign Language |

I am always on the lookout for articles about those with hearing impairments so this one got my attention. For those of you who are not aware every country, and even different parts of the same country have basic differences in what they use to sign a particular word or phrase. But most often the sign comes from some general characteristic about the person or thing.  It is kind of humorous to see that the sign for “Americans” in China is the same sign as crazy in American sign.  I suspect that most of the Chinese are very aware of that relationship.

One thought on “Cantonese Sign Language

  • Before I started learning sign language–our granddaughter is deaf, although she has refused to sign since receiving her second cochlear implant a few years ago–I had just assumed that sign language was the same across the world. I had thought that different countries would have adopted the original sign language, I guess.


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