Coca-Cola Social Media Guard Commercial…

2014-02-23_10-07-01The company “unveiled” the new product in an online video this week. In the ad, which refers to the offline world as “the thing that happens when you run out of battery,” people buried in their phones have a eureka moment when an absurd red funnel is placed on their heads and they’re forced to witness sunsets and look into other human beings’ eyes.   SOURCE: Coca-Cola Social Media Guard Commercial |

I will admit up front there that I am not a social media junkie. I seldom go on any media site except for Facebook and that no more than a once a daily.  But this one got my attention and I am adding the YouTube version of it here.

Since I am deaf and as usual the video is not closed captioned I have no idea what the audio portion of this strip is but just watching the video says it all for me. We, as a society are become fixated on our social media devices.  I am one of those techies who has more than my share of devices.  I have a MacBook Air as my primary tool. I have an iPhone and now have my second version of iPad along with my third version Kindle reader.  But even with all these things they seldom take up very much of my daily life.

This video is about how we can be so addicted to our social media that we tune out almost everything else. We no longer look at the people just across the table from us. Instead we are texting or posting…  When my wife and I travel via car on our frequent, although lessening now, roadtrips I am often fixated on keeping track of where we are via GPS mapping programs.  I am more interested in what towns and features lie ahead than what is outside our window.  This fixation requires my wife to jolt me into the present once in a while.

Getting back to the video, I don’t understand how  Coca-Cola expects to sell more of their sugary drink with this ad but I do salute them for even making it.  Here is a comment attached to the source article that I find amusing and maybe even provocative.



  1. Coke has always taken on social causes. They don’t really care if you want water- they own Evain and aquapure water as well.
    Their “one world” commercials have been used in classrooms for peace studies for years and years (we just cut out the actual last few words of advertisement).
    Now I need to get off my social media and get out in the world!


  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if Coca-Cola had included closed captioning or someone signing? In this case, however, you didn’t miss much. The message is delivered just as well without words.


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