Below The Belt…

I am going to talk about a “below the belt” issue here so all you prudes out there take warning.  Also take warning to not take what I say here too serious. I am kind of poking fun at this issue so don’t flame me too much.  🙂

Rubber red stamp with sexSome read the Bible to say that the only purpose of having a sexual relations is for procreation.  But if that is the case then why did God make having sex so pleasurable? Why didn’t he make it more of an undesirable chore rather than a joy? Why don’t we say to our spouse “oh no, you want to have sex!” Making the sexual act a chore rather than a joy sure would have solved so many issues in today’s world.

One of the things that drags so many women into poverty is teenagers having children. It dooms many. There is also a population explosion taking place in this world. Over my lifetime I think the world population has more than tripled Of course pleasurable sex is a dominant reason.  And then there is AIDS. Too many people die each year of this disease which is primarily transmitted through sex.  The African nations seem to be more vulnerable than many in this area and of course they are among the poorest countries in the world. Then of course there is the worst of all, abortion.  Pleasurable sex sure does cause a lot of serious troubles in the world….

I kind of like to believe that God wants sex to be a special celebration between a man and a woman. That is why he made it feel so good.  But maybe he should have known that there would come a time when sexual gratification took on a life of its own. I will admit here that I was quite a bit beyond my teenage years before I had my first sexual encounter. I will also admit that during those teen years my hormones ruled my brain and if I had not been so shy …

Sex seems to have become so prevalent in TV and movies today. Almost every show has some pretty explicit sex scenes now. One of those shows that I once enjoyed is “Two and a half men”. It started out somewhat comical but in the last few years lewd sex has dominated every storyline. I quit watching it for that reason.  If I had children that is one of the many shows I would probably block.  Trying to shelter kids from sex just seems impossible now.

I don’t think I am a prude but sex just seems to be much to prevalent in our social media and much too casual now days.

One thought on “Below The Belt…

  1. Like most enjoyable things in life, a certain amount is great….but too much spoils the whole thing.
    It is a shame that today’s kids are growing up too quickly and with unrealistic expectations of sex and love. The media pf course, will continue to amp up the sexual content I’m sure, so the only control we may have over excess exposure is “self-control”.
    Like you, we can stop watching crude and raunchy shows. And don’t pay for channels or movies that are objectionable. The rating system is a help but doesn’t really change much. Of course I’m sure there are groups that protest and want laws to curtail content of shows and movies. However, there is the issure of freedom of speech and I’m not sure I want us to go down that road. I guess we must let the marketplace dictate and hopefully enough of us will make it clear that we have limits.
    The best shows don’t need explicit sex because they appeal to our minds and hearts and our imaginations, which is much more erotic….at least for women.
    Men may (and probably do) think differently 🙂


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