Young and old, rich and poor, and people from every social, economic, political and cultural background are starting to rethink their faith. A fresh movement is happening, and in its purest form is about one thing: following Christ. This transformation is reshaping the Christian landscape. Believers are starting to simplify their faith in order to exemplify Christ—a simple yet profound way to live out the gospel. This has become a revolutionary concept.

This “new” Christianity is sick of culture wars, political agendas, hypocrisy and legalistic doctrines. They prefer inclusion over restriction, dialogue over debate, practice over preaching, and love over judgment. Authentic communities are preferred over institutionalized organizations, and grassroots groups gain wisdom and knowledge from relational interaction, social media, the web, and an array of other sources—there is no monopoly controlling leadership or sources of information. SOURCE: When Revolutions Become Religions – Stephen Mattson – Red Letter Christians.

If you are interested see a further discussion of this topic over at RedLetterLiving.


  1. I see a revolution. I do not see the revolution following Christ. I think with one generation (mine) moved away from religion, the second (my children’s) leaving, the third (my grandchildren) with no connection to Christ. You have to hear the Word to follow Him. They are exposed to many other religions in positive lights. Maybe we will be a happy Buddist country? Is it really necessary to follow Christianity? It is such a negative belief system.


    • Hi Janette. You are more pessimistic about this than I am. Maybe you need to read some about the growing emergent church movement in this country. Many young people are joining its ranks.

      The message of Christ is anything but negative to me. He basically told us that all the laws and thousands of rules of the Old Testament are replace by two, loving God and loving each other. That is not a negative belief system to me.

      Yes, much of current “religion” is about everything but those two beliefs. They are flooded with things that drive us apart instead of bringing us together. The emergent church is shedding those things and concentrating on the actual words of Jesus.

      I am very positive about Jesus and his teachings; not so much about much of current religious establishments and beliefs…..


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