Out Of Tune…..

Old PeopleI can remember in my younger years how when I came across older people who didn’t know some of the things I did I automatically thought they were just senile old folks who were no longer living in the “real” world.  They were simply out of tune with the times. They just didn’t see the world as I did. Of course now that I am one of those “old” folks I can understand their “ignorance”. In fact I am most like them now.

I am just out of tune when it comes to anything in the music area. I have been deaf for more than twenty-five years now so I guess that is a valid excuse in that area at least. I know that Justin Beiber is some sort of god when it comes to many young people today. They breathlessly await any tweet he might put out.  They crowd to wherever he might go. They want to know everything he does.  I think he is a movie star but I am not sure. Maybe he is a singer? I am totally out of tune with it comes to him and the myriad of other young people who are so revered today.

One trend I do know about is a “selfie”. That is using one of the many pieces of electronics that contains a camera to take pictures of yourself and then parade those pictures around all the social networking sites. Doing selfies requires a strong sense of self-centeredness. I am very much lacking that characteristic so you could say that I am very much out of tune with selfies and glad of it.

At this point I have seen enough in my life to understand what is important and what isn’t. I don’t spend a lot of time idolizing anyone especially the jocks and entertainers among us and especially not myself. I do have my heroes but I don’t insist on knowing their every move. Do I have things that are important to me? Of course I do. I deem loving my God and loving my neighbors as a very important aspect of my life.  Maybe I am out of tune with the times but I, like many of us “old” people I just don’t care anymore.