Leaving Well Enough Alone…

Cobwebs_on_fenceI used to think that the phrase “leaving well enough alone” was a wise one but I am just not too sure of that anymore. It could mean that I just don’t want to change or maybe I don’t want to chance losing something for the benefit of others. Leaving well enough alone was often the phrase used to continue with segregation in the 1960s. The logic went that the Negroes were happy as they were and would never be able to compete with the whites if they were not kept separate. So the logic went, segregation was as much for them as it was for the white population.

Christian dogma seems to be another one of those areas that some demand to leave well enough alone. Many are stuck with very outdated and disproven logic as the basis for their beliefs.  They have latched on to a particular belief and let that dominate over everything else. They see any change as a threat to their existence.

Another similar phrase is “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. Being that I spent a thirty year career with AT&T and its various forms I am very aware that this phrase was used as a reason to not break up that monopoly in 1983. With hindsight I am now convinced that while it wasn’t broke by the knowledge of the times, breaking it up was for the overall good. I can’t imagine the advances that we have had in this area were even possible in the old hierarchical structure.

I’m not saying that there are never times when we should just maintain the status quo but to just leave things as they are for the sake of not changing is definitely not the answer. We should always be striving to do things better than we are. This applies to almost all aspects of our lives including our spiritual lives.

So, in the end leaving well enough alone just does that, it keeps some just “well enough” but never better.