Fox News’s Old Viewership Is Getting Even Older

2014-05-30_08-25-59The New York Times took a look at the results for Bill O’Reilly’s show, which remains popular with overall audience of 2.1 million viewers. But in the key demographic, he averaged just 313,000 viewers, a small percentage of his overall pull. His show’s median viewer age is now 72.1, which is a high. That’s part of a trend. Fox News’s viewership is aging out of that key demographic, even as the overall median age of cable news viewers remains high SOURCE: Fox News’s Old Viewership Is Getting Even Older – Yahoo News.

I’m sure that anyone who has read anything on this blog knows that I just can’t stomach Fox News. It is too blatantly biased to be called a news network. So, it did my heart good when I saw this article. It seems that their viewership consists mainly of old white folks who have just not given up their ingrained prejudices from the twentieth century. If we are patient, which is not one of my strong suits, they will eventually go the way of the dinosaur that they so much resemble.

If you believe the loyal viewers of this network you would think that most of the world, or at least the U.S. watches Fox News.  But then you see the statistics above where Bill O’Reilly, who is one of the biggest ranters, has only 2.1 million viewers on any given show. That amounts to over 99% of us Americans who DON’T watch.

Half of the viewers are over 72 years old and the other half don’t contain many of the millennials. Time is not on their side.  Maybe Rupert Murdock needs some new hobby….

2 thoughts on “Fox News’s Old Viewership Is Getting Even Older

  1. And I wonder how many of the younger viewers are like me–to steal a phrase from New York Magazine contributor Frank Rich–“Hate Watchers.” It’s one of those things–I hate it, but I can’t stop watching! Especially Ann Coulter, the woman I love to hate.

    That’s a real problem for FOX if I am typical of the younger viewer, isn’t it?


    1. I used to laugh at the fact that my grandmother had wrestling on TV all the time. We couldn’t convince her that it was all fake. She screamed and ranted at the bad guys and cheered the good guys on. Maybe all the old people have moved from wrestling to Fox News. People like you and I seem to have learned some lessons in life that have made us wiser but I guess we are not typical. Any who watches Fox much either has his head in the ground or has lost it altogether (and I’m not talking about the ground). 🙂


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