Yin and Yang – The Basic Charactistics….




The above graphic gives a pretty simple view of yin and yang.  The characteristics on the left side are Yang and the right side Yin. As indicated a healthy balance is required for a happy life. Too much of either Yin or Yang is toxic. I must admit that I have modified this graph in that I removed the words Masculine and Feminine and replace them with Yin and Yang. In the Asian culture Yang is identified as male characteristics and Yin as female. Things are changing in that part of the world but it is still a very gender segregated world. The U.S. has been quickly, at least to this American male, moving away from that stereotype for most of my lifetime.

All of us have a blend of the traits shown on this graphic.

Personally I can very much identify with the following Yang traits:

Analytical – My analytical mind is what made me a superior software developer in my work life. I was able to break down difficult projects into their elemental parts.

Singular – “I am who I am” is kind of a sub-theme of my life. I don’t mind, in fact I somewhat relish being different from others. It makes me ask questions where others would simply go along with the crowd

Rational – I am very much a rational being. I don’t automatically buy into beliefs or creeds simply because someone tells me to. I must be convinced that they make sense in the “real” world.

Determined –  My wife says I have a “single-purpose” mind in that I devote almost total attention to the task as hand. Being deaf helps me some in this area. I am not distracted by as many outside annoyances as many are.

Goal-directed – In my mind goal-directed and determined are peas in the same pod. I can very easily focus on one particular goal to the exclusion of almost everything else.

I can also very much identify with the following Yin traits:

Emotional – I wear my heart on my sleeve so to speak. I frequently cry as movie endings. Well at least “old” movie endings. They don’t make movies like that anymore it seems. Some say when emotions flair reason disappears; I don’t see it that way.

Passionate – I am very passionate about certain things in life.  Being a follower of Christ is something I take very seriously. I am also passionate about justice and equal opportunity.  I am also passionate about writing and reading. In fact, because I am deaf I spend most of my waking hours reading in one form or another.

Empathetic – Some times I let my passions and emotions take over my life. I am often very forceful and definite in expression of my beliefs. In those times I come across as a “pain in the ass” to some because of my emphatic qualities

Allow for “flow” – I am not stuck in my ways but am open to seeing things in a new light. I try to embrace change rather than fight it.

Creative – I like to think of myself as a creative person but sometime get discouraged because I am not as creativity as I would like.

I believe I have a good blend of yin and yang but probably lean more yin than most men. Next time I will start on an extended view of the differences between America and Asia when it comes to yin/yang.

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