VA Epilogue..

2014-06-06_11-50-04As an addendum to Monday’s post about VA hospitals I see where Senator John McCain and Senator Bernie Sanders have a bill before the Senate to allow veterans access to the Medicare system when they can’t get appointments with a VA hospital or live more than 40 miles from a facility.

This could be the first step in actually accomplishing my proposal of merging the VA with Medicare and then of course eventually to single payer system.  At the least veterans should be able to choose which system they want to provide their healthcare. Who knows…. Maybe someday…

2 thoughts on “VA Epilogue..

    1. I think McCain prior to his presidential run was not a bad senator. He actually voted on many issues regardless of where his part stood. That gave him the “maverick” label. But yeah he is now a strict party voter like all the rest of them.

      But then he chose Palin as his running mate!! That does say a lot about his character or maybe of the advisers he had in that campaign. What a joke she is….


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