Senate backs bill to improve health care for vets

2014-05-30_09-29-20Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who drafted the bill with Sanders, called the bill “a beginning — not an end — to the efforts that must be taken” to address the crisis affecting veterans’ health care…. The Senate bill, like the House measure approved Tuesday, would let veterans facing long delays for appointments or living more than 40 miles from a VA facility choose to get care from non-agency providers for the next two years. Some veterans already get outside care, but the process is cumbersome and riddled with delays, veterans and their advocates say. SOURCE: Senate backs bill to improve health care for vets – Yahoo News.

It looks like Obamacare, that is universal healthcare is alive and healthy for at least a certain population of us.  As the article above says money is not the problem with the VA, they have all they need as part of our bloated defense budget. What they need is sound responsibility and the Medicare system can provide a large measure of that.

It is nice to know that something in the healthcare field can pass congress so easily. As long as we put it in different clothes it does fine.

3 thoughts on “Senate backs bill to improve health care for vets

  1. I agree RJ that it is good to see things moving forward on this issue. Our veterans deserve better than they have been getting. However…..passing the Senate is a long way away from passing Congress as I believe now the bill must go to the House. And given their tendency to not want to do things….I’m still concerned that this will go the way of other good ideas of how to move forward and make things better (not perfect but better!). Oh well, maybe your optimism will prove to be right this time! Mike


    1. Hi Mike. Here is what the article says.

      “The measure closely resembles a bill approved unanimously Tuesday in the House, prompting optimism among lawmakers from both parties that a compromise version could be on its way soon to President Barack Obama for his signature.”

      So, it looks like it will be heading to the president’s desk next week.. Go figure…


      1. RJ – that’s great news! I missed that point. This is good not only for our vets for this issue but also perhaps as an indication that things may get better in Washington on other issues too – maybe…..!!


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