Injured Warriors….



It has happened throughout humanity’s history. When our country/tribe feels threatened by one thing or another and we go to war many of our young men rush to enlist.They see adventures in war. They think it will turn back the boredom of their daily lives. I don’t think there has been a teenager in existence that doesn’t feel a lack of stimulation during those years. They all have some grandiose vision of having a uniform and fighting the bad guys.  The teenage years are vexing to most of us.  Our brains are not fully formed so we often have an incomplete vision of life.

Our young men, and now our young women, rush to war. They don’t seem to contemplate the reasons for the war. They don’t know the trauma of taking another life. All they see is the glamor and maybe to some degree a sense of duty.  “My country needs me”.

The realities of war do not sink in until they are knee deep in it. Isaac Sims found out that war is something other than glamor. It is death and many dead bodies. I recently watched an American Experience episode entitled Death and the Civil War. It showed the realities of those times.  Over 750,000 were killed and many times that  amount seriously wounded, and that was with a total U.S. population of only 30 million.

I will admit up front that I have no experiences with the military establishments of today. All I know I learned from stories. But I have heard that many generals just don’t take PTSD seriously. They see it as just the weaklings who can’t stomach the realities of war. To them real men just do their duty and disregard what they see.


No one should have to see what this young Isaac Sims did!

2 thoughts on “Injured Warriors….

  1. RJ,

    PTSD is no joke and one of the side effects of this war is what we are dealing with now. A million new vets entering the VA and the system is unable to handle the massive influx of them. I’m not putting anything you said down about PTSD because it is real. It is something that these guys/gals have to deal with and it is controllable. I think one of the additional factors that no one talks about is that the guys won every battle but the leaders lost the war. I think that takes a toll on the human mind as well because you learn that you can’t trust your leaders.

    I don’t know many Generals that would say the guys with PTSD are weak. That is General Patton type stuff and we don’t promote Patton’s anymore. Not because they aren’t in the Army, but because today’s Generals are good at making power point and sucking up.

    I am sad for Isaac and his family.


  2. Some wise words there Rob. Yes, I think PTSD is real and devastating and it has been for most of our wars in my lifetime. I pray that sometime in the future our leaders will tell us we must go to war and we as citizens will say “NO”. Too much wasted humanity, too too much


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