Afraid Of Being A Minority…

2014-08-24_13-14-19The white majority in the U.S. will be outnumbered by Americans of other races by 2042, eight years sooner than previously projected by the Census Bureau. SOURCE: U.S. White Population Will Be Minority by 2042, Government Says – Bloomberg.

The year 2042 strikes abject fear into some of us. Particularly those who are associated with groups with three letters in the title. That is the year that people of color will outnumber whites in the United States. Why is it that so many are so afraid of being a minority?

For twenty-five years now I have been in a pretty small minority. Only about 1% of the U.S. population is deaf and I am one of them. I go through months at a time without ever seeing another deaf person but I live with the consequences of being deaf every single day. Before I became a member of this somewhat exclusive minority I to had an abject fear of it. But it turns out that being a minority is not as bad as I imagined. It is not great but not totally bad either.

So, why do so many fear going from 51% to 49%? What is it about that number that get to us? Of course a big part of that is the perceived loss of power. They would no longer be masters of our own fate. It’s nice to be the guy in control of things. To turn that over in any degree is a scary thing. What if “they” decide to do it differently than I want?

But then again most of us are in a minority now in one regard or another. Being a progressive in Indiana puts me in a distinct minority. I loathe many of the things that my governor does; he just seems to be a guy without much compassion for others, especially those much different from him.  But my life for the most part goes on despite being a minority in several different areas. Sharing power is not at bad as many imagine.

We may come to the point where no political party will have a majority status and will therefore be forced to form a coalition government made up of different minorities. But then again that is pretty much what at least the Democratic party is now. There are those Democrats who want abortion on demand and those who would like to see it go away entirely. There are those who just want government out of their lives and then there are those who think government is shirking its responsibility of doing the people’s business.

All I can say to all those out there who are in abject fear of becoming a minority is that it is not as bad as you imagine. Spreading the power around is enabling, not disabling, as a country as well as on a personal level. Try it out , you might like it.

2 thoughts on “Afraid Of Being A Minority…

  1. Don’t you think the fear of becoming a white minority comes from the fact that other races so often demonstrate dislike or even hatred of the white power and financial structure? I myself feel some fear of retribution for past discrimination and oppression when given the chance. By retribution I mean reverse discrimination and favoritism. You would think we have come further than that and that the races have melded into one big happy family, but I don’t know…every so often those feeling of resentment rise up and show their ugly faces. Granted, I live in a state that is still considered less diverse than much of the country (although it is changing fast I assure you).
    Anyway, I hope you’re right and my fears are unfounded. After all, what do I know?☺️


    1. Hi Jane. I know the French Revolution resulted in “off with their heads” but I don’t think that would happen in the good old USA. 😉 Yes, some of the inequities that seem endemic to our system might be addressed but I kind of think, maybe naively so, that when you have been discriminated for so long most don’t have the desire to reverse that happening. They just want a fair shake for having a happy life for themselves and their families.

      I’m sure there are the radicals out their who hold big grudges, there are in all races, but that is a small minority in my opinion. I have started getting MAD magazine again after 50+ years and am attuned to his motto in life “What, Me Worry??” It just doesn’t do any good to spend your life worrying so, What? Me worry?…..

      Thanks for the comment


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