I Read…..

readingReading the written word is a very important thing for all of us but especially so for me.  For some reason I have been thinking about just how much I personally read. Being deaf hearing the spoken word is no longer possible so with that sense gone reading has become my primary method of knowing what is happening in the world around me.

My computer and the Internet are a vital part of my life. But then again they have been since their invention three decades ago. I spend between a half and a full hour each morning reading about what happened in the world lately. One nice thing about the Internet is that I can quickly browse a large number of articles and only spend the time to thoroughly read the few that I select. When I was growing up we never had the money to afford a set of encyclopedias. But now Wikipedia is just a click away for all my questions. I read things there very frequently.

There is no such thing as closed-captioned radio so that venue is worthless to me. For that matter I really don’t know how much about how radio is used since the invention of iPods and such. Maybe no one listens to it anymore. But I do know that some of the radical hot heads such as Rush are on the radio? Maybe that is the venue now? If so then I wish it would just go away.

When I sit down to watch my favorite TV programs it is still about reading. I thank heavens for closed-captioning but my eyes do get a little tired of trying to read the captions and watch all the action at the same time.  TV is as much about reading as most other media is for me.

Then there are books and magazines which I continue to consume on a daily basis. I even subscribe to a few of the hard copy versions. The one problem I have with reading is that the letters are getting smaller and smaller. Or maybe it is my eyes are getting older and older. I don’t know which?

Reading is who I am and what I am about. Like my hero Will Rogers about everything I know about the world I get from reading….


  1. As a longtime employee in an elementary school library, I love to hear people talk about their enjoyment of reading. I fear the demise of “long” reading as it’s called. Kids are not often turned on by books. It’s a struggle to entice them to browse and linger over books without pictures! The more frequently we use short blips and abbreviations in text and email the less inclined we seem to be to read a full length in depth article or book.
    Ronni Bennett gave some links to “long reading” sites the other day on her blog – Time Goes By. Maybe you are familiar with that blog? These sites are attempting to save the art and skill of writing and reading. Worth checking out for in depth articles on various topics.
    Loss of hearing … which can come to us all eventually…is another good reason to continue to cultivate the skill of real reading as opposed to “tweets” and blurbs to obtain our information about the world around us. Many of us may need to depend on reading someday as you do.
    And yes, I am convinced that there is a conspiracy to keep shrinking the print, perhaps to save ink! 😃


    1. You are right Jane, long reads are getting harder even for me. I don’t read more than one book a month or so now whereas I used to read two or more. I keep most of my posts to below 500 words as that is about my limit as I imagine that is a comfortable length for many of my readers. Personally when I come across a post that might be of interest the first thing I do is scan down to see how long it is. If it approaches four figures I usually just skip it. Sad isn’t it?
      Tweets and such are becoming the norm now. My other active blog over at http://InSearchOfAmerica.net is limited to tweet length comments and large pictures. Maybe with so much information now available to most of us we feel we can’t dedicate as much time to one topic. Of course that will make us a “jack-of-all-trades” nation instead of experts in one subject and that is probably not so good….


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