Canada and the Volstead Act…According to Will…

2014-10-12_07-59-37Arrived in the Canada capital today. More sentiment here to be annexed by Mexico than by America. They know us too well. If we get any nation to join us it will have to be some stranger. We only have one reason for wanting Canada and a modification of the Volstead Act will eliminate it. Waiting instructions.

Will Rogers — 11 October 1926.

When we took our extended visit to eastern Canada a few years ago I kind of got the same feeling that Will did almost 100 years ago. Canada is happy to have put off the invasion by the U.S. in 1812. They see all our problems with guns, drugs, booze in Will’s day and healthcare issues today and rejoice that they pretty much solved all those things years ago. When we told some there how much we pay for our health insurance, even with Medicare, they were shocked.

Now don’t get me wrong, except maybe for the french speaking part 🙂 they treated us Americans with friendly grace and cordiality.  Especially those taking our tourist dollars. If I couldn’t be an American even with all our solvable yet unsolved problems, I would want to be a Canadian. Where we are hyper about so much they seem to be calm and that is a nice state to be in.

2 thoughts on “Canada and the Volstead Act…According to Will…

  1. With the recent attack in Ottawa yesterday, I wonder where Canada is going to get the funds to defend themselves? That soldier shot was guarding without a gun. How does one guard without a gun? See what the results were?
    Since the country gives out all those ‘free’ benefits and health care, I’m sure you know that the Canadians do not have enough money to defend themselves. Surely you know the lone gunman yesterday will be the first of many more to come? He was just an Islamic Terrorist tester. Who will the Canadians ask to help them? Certainly not the Americans. Perhaps their Prime Minister can pull an ‘Obama’ and cajole the UN to help them out.
    How’s that been working out for the Americans in the middle east lately?

    I’m also very certain those Canadians aren’t so calm anymore, don’t you?
    I’d rather be paying for my own healthcare and having America have the funds to defend me, rather than the other way around, as Canada now finds herself in. Oh, and I would prefer to be a soldier, doing my defending, while packing a gun!


    1. Alicia, thanks for your comments even though I don’t agree with many of them. I don’t think the Canadians are making a choice between healthcare and defending themselves. They are in the top 10 nations with their military budgets as a percentage of their GDP. I don’t think one isolated event will change their mentality about guns anymore than it changed Britain or several other countries.

      I understand at least to some degree the obsession we Americans have with our guns and our fears. We spend more than the other 95% of the world put together on our military. So I do agree with some of your logic in that we spend such a large percentage of our budgets on our war making capability and therefore little is left for all the other things.

      Like many things this is not an either/or condition. We don’t have to make a choice between caring for our citizens OR protecting them from foreign threats.


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