Shame On Us…….

2014-11-27_09-00-20“Now someone else has to choose between working and spending time with their family,” Fisher said. Kmart has said that it asks for volunteers to work on the holiday, but other workers, like Kekoa Wailehua from Hawaii, said that they have been explicitly told they cannot request off on Thanksgiving or Black Friday. The petition has almost 10,000 supporters. SOURCE:  Why the poor can’t catch a break on Thanksgiving – The Week.

Shame on us vapid consumers for allowing this to happen. Why do we insist on others having to be away from their families on perhaps the most family oriented holiday of the year? Why is it so important to get that latest gadget at a slightly lower price maybe 12 hours earlier if it mean others have to give up that special day in order to serve you? Shame on us for allowing this to happen.

What if the corporations that forced their employees to come in on Thanksgiving found that no one came to their store? This condition is kind of like the drug epidemic that grips our nation. If the consumers would just stay away the problem would disappear. I hope at least the retailers are paying overtime pay for that day, but given the times that is unlikely. Shame on us for allowing this to happen.

I know I am just an old coot but I still remember when the vast majority of businesses were closed on Sunday. Sunday was meant for a day to be with your family and for some to attend church. Over the years one business after another gave up that day to make a few more bucks.  Shame on us for allowing this to happen.

Maybe it is just time to chuck the idea of family time together. Lord knows there is little time left for many of us, especially those forced to work two minimum wage jobs, during any given week. Shame on us for allowing this to happen.

Capitalism is a great engine to prosperity as long as it is taken in reasonable doses. When we allow it to take over our lives, especially our family lives, it needs to be reigned in. Why are those on the lower end of the economic scale forced to be away from their families on the one rare day that is meant for family?  Shame on us for allowing this to happen…..