Insight 4 — Creativity…

One part of me that I often struggle with is my level of creativity. I never think I have enough. Yeah, I know it takes creativity to blog the amount that I do. I think I have created somewhere in the neighborhood of five thousands post on my various blogs over the years but the creativity I think I miss out on is the artistic type. I am never satisfied with that aspect of my life.  Here is a quote from Ernie to start our discussions in this area.


tree of flower - concept of lifeYou as a creative individual have the ability to pursue interesting activities. Creative expression is the natural inclination of life.  Keep reminding yourself that retirement can be a series of adventures and wonderful discoveries because deep down you are a creative person and not a boring one.

Researchers at the University of Southern California confirm that variety is the spice of life. They found that individuals who regularly do new things, such as going to places they have never been or playing a new game, are happier and have a greater sense of well-being than people who keep doing the same old things. The researchers concluded that people with many interests live not only happiest, but longest, too….

Don’t lose touch with the craziness within yourself. Often one gets a reputation for mental stability simply because one doesn’t have enough courage to make a fool of oneself. Is it more important to live with zest or to have people think nice things about you? The point is, if you want to be truly alive, forget about what people think. Zelinski, Ernie  How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free: Retirement Wisdom That You Won’t Get from Your Financial Advisor (Kindle Locations 1872-1874).

 Doing new things does make me happy. I seem to abhor what I consider stifling routine. I do have many interests, I always say my hobby is having hobbies but I don’t seem to spend enough time at any of them in order to get the level of satisfaction that I want. Another book I am reading is entitled “Creative Photographer” by Catherine Anderson. Here is snippet about what she says about creativity:

It is important too me to spend some part of my day in creative activity. The process of creating seems to balance and calm me… I think a daily connection to our creative work is how you grow as an artist. To be a good photographer you need to practice. 

I don’t know if it is possible for me to lose my craziness within myself. That is probably one of my most distinguishing characteristics. I don’t particularly care that some think I am crazy, as a matter of fact I actually take pride in the fact that people can’t predict what I will do or say next. 🙂

Lets finish off this post with another native Hoosier and one of the most creative people of his generation.

I’m eighty-one now. I would have been eighty-two, but I lived a year in Winnipeg. — Red Skelton

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3 thoughts on “Insight 4 — Creativity…

  1. Excellent thoughts. That is why you have so much difficulty in the conservative church when I was there with you. You were dealing entirely with one vision individuals, who felt most comfortable in their narrow view of things. Creative people do not do well in those environments for growing. You are doing just fine with your many endeavors and you are sharing your outspoken ideas and thoughts now in a cherished environment.


    1. There is much truth in what you say Mary and thanks for the encouragement. When people are stuck in a very narrow spiritual interpretation creativity is often stifled. They can’t allow it as it would bring in too many questions about their flimsy core beliefs. To me “centering down” and listening for the Spirit within is the way for true spiritual enlightenment.


  2. You have to follow your profound thoughts and be surrounded by only a few supportive friends. You do amazingly well to not let your loss of total hearing affect your desire to help others less fortunate and be open- minded about your ideas.
    I have learned mostly the hard way- it is a waste of time to try to pursuaded people to follow or to think in a new and different way about things.
    In my life, I have discovered many international people that I teach the art of conversation to are open to new thoughts and listen to one another. It is a joy to be with them. It makes a difference to be around those special kind of friends.


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