Insight 6 – Listen To Yourself…

ListeningAlways be true to yourself. Do not blindly believe what you are told about what brings happiness, even what is reported in this book. Find out for yourself what brings joy and contentment to your world. Your inner voice will tell you what will bring you peace of mind.

Above all , ask yourself what would give you true happiness. Listen to your answers carefully. Then do what you have to do to attain it. You cannot afford not to. Many years from now you will regret the things that you didn’t do much more so than the ones you did do. Take the time to find out what you really want to do with your life.  

Take more risks.  Lighten up and don’t take life so seriously.  Be more patient. It’s best to suffer from the Peter-Pan syndrome. Relive your younger days. What were your dreams when you were young?  Live the moment more. Zelinski, Ernie  How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free: Retirement Wisdom That You Won’t Get from Your Financial Advisor (Kindle)

One of the hardest parts of deciding what to do in your remaining years no matter if you are in your retirement years or before is to listen to yourself. We all spend too much time with our heads cluttered with the noises of everyday life to take the time to listen to ourselves. But whatever it takes you should seriously attempt to do just that.

My Quaker friends have a thing called “centering down”. That is the core practice that drives their silent worship services. Centering down means to sit quietly and let the Holy Spirit talk to you. It doesn’t necessarily mean clearing your mind of all things but instead to listen for that hum in the background so to speak and allowing it to come forward. Astronomers discovered a background noise that is constant throughout the universe. They theorize that it is from the big bang.  I believe that God is in every one of us  in that same way.  He is the hum in our minds that holds everything together in our existence.  Listening to yourself means listening to that hum. How you do that is up to you.  Some accomplish listening to themselves through Yoga and other forms of meditation. Some such as Quaker use other techniques. Until you have really listened to yourself you never know who you really are.

Getting on to the highlighted sections of the quote above. Statically sitting and waiting for fate to tell you what to do in your retirement years is a waste of time. Believe me, I tried it for a good period of time. We all need to take more risks in life by getting out of our comfort zone on a regular basis. We need to be out there trying new things. Wouldn’t it be tragic to discover what REALLY makes you happy on the last day of your life?

Of course I recognize the second highlight. It is the Will Rogers quote found on the header of this blog.   Lighten up is an age-old wisdom that all of us need to learn. Being patient, well that is one I still have a lot to learn about….

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