Canadian Winters…

2011 11276

I frequently complain about how cold it is here in southern Indiana but I know that further north is gets much colder.  This pic was taken north of Ottawa Canada during a visit there four years ago. I don’t know how long the house has been unoccupied but it shows its age…

3 thoughts on “Canadian Winters…

  1. In NE Alberta we’re enjoying downright balmy weather with temps ~0C. My son spent 7 months in Australia and his host asked what’s with you Canadians and the weather? I think it’s about the variability. There can be a 30 degree difference in 24 hrs. And this weather is harsh and can be dangerous. I’ve come to appreciate winter. Snow means slow, i.e. it creates an opportunity to hibernate and do other things.


  2. So true, Minnesota is similar with the temperature swings. If it weren’t for the cold winters we wouldn’t appreciate the spring and summer as much as we do. And truthfully, after 3 or 4 months of gardening, weeding, watering, etc… I’m ready for an “indoor” reprieve!
    Love the photos of old abandoned buildings, R.J. I like to imagine the people who lived there and the lives they must have had.


  3. Thanks you two for reminding me of the good things about winter. All I seem to usually remember is that my bones just don’t like cold anymore. But it is nice to get time off from my 2 1/2 acre yard work and such. I am spending this winter trying to enhance my photography skills for some special projects in the coming year. Plenty of time for that… and I think I am actually learning a few things (ha). I guess I do appreciate winter more than I thought I would. The fact that so far this season we have had only about 2 inches of snow compared to about 40 inches last year helps a bit too.

    I do love old buildings so am drawn to them. I like to dream about what they were years ago. When I left the corporate world fifteen years ago and returned to Indiana we bought a 1928 farmhouse and redid it. It had a couple of pretty crude renovations before that had to be undone but it turned out great. We were excited to get a knock on our door a few years ago from a lady who said she grew up in the house. She told us some interesting stories.

    Thanks you two for brightening my day and reminding me that winter has a bright side even if it does have some really short days..


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