Walking The Plank…



I dread to think about how our totally politicized Supreme Court is going to rule on the latest attack on affordable healthcare for almost ten million of us.  Will they essentially make those folks walk the plank as Steve Sack shows in this editorial cartoon. It is widely known that most of the yahoos on the court vote primarily on their political alignment. The law and original intent just doesn’t seem to mean much to them.


Military SpendingI also see where the Republicans have recently come out with their budget proposals for the coming year. Take a look at that very little orange slice of the current budget pie to the right. That shows our current food stamp allocations. It seems that tiny slice is where they want to do the severest cuts. Part of their budget is to increase the dark blue area even more! They don’t think it is big enough yet.  Please tell me how anyone can actually believe that they are serious about their budget proposal when they take the elephant in the room off the table for cuts???

Why does it seem that we are living in an upside-down world right now???


4 thoughts on “Walking The Plank…

  1. The military budget is not about the military. Or national defense. It is a giant slush fund for military contractors. Even George Bush tried to cut the military. Even the Department of Defense and the Pentagon try to cut the military. Congress will not let them. They take the view that cutting the military is cutting”jobs” in their districts Military contractors have done a good job of spreading the wealth…and insuring that the Golden Goose will never be cooked for dinner.


    1. I know it feels that way that it is impossible to reduce military spending but historically that is not the case. With the exception of Reagan and baby Bush. Every president since WW II has reduced the pentagon budgets. I will be coming out with a post about that in the next week or so. There is hope in reducing it again if we can manage to keep a non-Republican in the White House and get some of those war mongers out of the congress…


  2. Reducing the Pentagon’s budget does not stop the military contractors. They get rich on war. We see contract waste every day living next to a military post.


    1. Hi Janette. But that $600 billion annually goes to someone. I know it is not the soldiers. I have a post coming out soon about the Pentagon expenses since Eisenhower. It is interesting to see who it has changed especially with Reagan and baby Bush


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