In The Beginning… About The Grandparents

Maybe the title of this post is a little over-inflated ūüôā but I am going back as far as I know about family.

2015-05-27_13-31-44My mom never talked about her family and I only met a brother once so I can’t say much about that side of my family. Much more about mom in that regard in incoming posts. ¬†The only experiences¬†with family ¬†was on my dad’s side. ¬†Grandpa Walters was a pig farmer and I believe his father was also a pig farmer. It is what he did. He had a farm of about forty acres near Belle Union Indiana. It had a couple of big old wooden barns and of course serveral¬†pig pens and a chicken coop.

His house was nothing fancy, even for those times.  There was a fuel oil stove in the center of the house that served as the heat during those cold Indiana winters.  Plumbing was added sometime before I was born so there was now a kitchen sink and a bump-out in the back that was the bathroom.  But even with these new-fangled things grandpa refused to take down the outhouse and even preferred using it instead of the inside one when he was working his pigs.

I do remember the stories about grandpa’s grandpa being a trapper and had married a local Shawnee squaw in the 1800’s. I always thought that was neat and have been proud of my Native American heritage ever since. I guess that makes me ‚Öõ Shawnee but since I have pretty high cheekbones I think my heritage¬†¬†shows.

Now on to the skeleton in the Walters’ closet. Grandma Walters never lived with grandpa¬†during my lifetime. I never could get a straight story out of dad about that but it seems that grandpa chased grandma off the farm with a shotgun and she never came back! They never divorced and they were eventually buried side-by-side but they never saw each other after that fateful event. What caused the split I just don’t know.

Grandma she was a house-mother at a DePauw University fraternity in Greencastle Indiana.  When she retired she moved to a studio apartment and that is where I remember visiting with her. Neither grandma or grandpa ever had a bad word to say about the other, at least to us kids.

2015-05-27_13-30-42Grandma died when I was about eight¬†years old and grandpa when I was ten or eleven so I never had any kind of extended relationship with them. ¬†The most vivid memory I have is when¬†we visited grandpa one of my duties was to get the morning eggs from the hen house. ¬†Grandpa said we couldn’t have breakfast until that chore was done. But in reality he just enjoyed watching me get chased around the chicken yard by a very ornery rooster. He scared the dickens out of me. ūüôā

Anybody care to share a grandparent story??

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