Bound For Glory

2015-05-18_19-56-18I can’t get very far along with this new blog before I bring in the folk music category. Folk music, particularly Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, PP&M, is what formed many of my attitudes toward life and made me realize that I am to some degree an empath. But it was not until I discovered Woody Guthrie that I came to see the true origins of folk music.

When I recently visited the Wood Guthrie Center in Tulsa Oklahoma I was totally struck by the breadth of his talents. I am now reading a book entitled Bound For Glory which is an autobiography by Woody. The book sparks new imaginations in me. Here is a little about him from the forward in the book by Pete Seeger.

He was a short, wiry guy with a mop of curly hair under a cowboy hat, as I first saw him. He’d stand with his guitar slung on his back, spinning out stories like Will Rogers, with a faint, wry grin. Then he’d hitch his guitar around and sing the longest long outlaw ballad you ever heard, or some Rabelaisian fantasy he’d concocted the day before and might never sing again. His songs are deceptively simple. Only after they have become part of your life do you realize how great they are. Any damn fool can get complicated. It takes genius to attain simplicity. 

Of course Woody’s most popular poem/song was This Land Was Made For You And Me.  In my opinion it should be our national anthem. Here are the words from the first two verses:

This Land Lyrics

There will be many more articles about Woody here as I believe he is the true heart of America.

Are there any other folk music fans out there that want to chime in here?