One Big Soul…

WoodyI’lI try not to do it too often but I am gonna get kind of philosophical here. I ran across the following quote from my hero Woody Guthrie a while back.

Ever’body might be just one big soul. Well it looks that a-way to me.

Woody wrote thousands of poems in his life. Some he called lyrics and some he didn’t. This one, whichever it is, got me to thinking pretty deep. With ISIS and all that other terrorist stuff going on it seems like a big part of the world problems today is one religion fighting against another or one group of people hating another for whatever reasons. Everyone thinks they are the only ones to get it right. What if what Woody said it true?

What if all of us have¬†just one big soul? ¬†That seems to say to me that when we get to heaven we will be judged¬†on how we treat the other parts of the united soul, in other words how we treat each other. It won’t¬†really matter what religion you believe in. We¬†are all just part of one big thing spiritual thing so as the old saying goes we sink or swim¬†together.

Woody was a plain speaking man. I don’t know how much formal education he got but he was a very “wise” and simple guy. Another one of his sayings was the anyone who played a song with more than two chords was just showin off.

I kind of like Woody’s simplicity and how he thought….

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