I Try Not To Think…

canstockphoto12947071I know the title to this post probably invokes a vision of a complete idiot so maybe I should complete the sentence up front. I try not to think about the dark side of life. That is quite a chore since there seems to be so much of it in the world today. I could tell you what I mean but then I would have to think about it and thus break my own rule…

I have vowed not to think about things I get depressed over. I try to only think of pleasant things. I know I sound kind of like Edward G. Robinson in the 1973 movie Soylent Green and that is kind of scary but that is where I need to be at this particular point in my life. My new motto seems to be “CHILL OUT Dude”. It is very hard to accomplish but at least I am trying…

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2 thoughts on “I Try Not To Think…

  1. When I have those dark and depressing times I find it helps to have a conversation with myself. I ask myself what if anything can I do about all the miserable people and situations around me. Usually the answer is that I can do nothing at all. So, I can either dwell on the dark side or decide to put it aside and focus on what I can do. After that it’s pretty much a case of “life is what it is” so make the most of it. The world at large has always had misery and corruption and nastiness. I’m not rich, not beautiful, not brilliant, and never will be. I’m not going to dwell on those shortcoming, it’s a waste of time. We only have one life. Talk to yourself (as I’m sure you already do) and try to accept yourself and the world as it “is” not as it “should” be. So, we can make our little portion of the world our “happy” place if we choose.
    Boy, I sure sound preachy today! I will refrain from adding a smiley face tho.


  2. Hi Jane and thank you for your insight. Yes, that is basically my problem. I see so much needless pain and suffering in the world and that certainly includes the US that I want to fix. The solutions are not that difficult but mainly politics keeps them from happening. For some reason I seem to have a double, no triple, dose of empathy and when I see people suffering I suffer with them. But you are right there is really not much I can do on a macro level to change that and I am in the process of trying to accept that. Chill out and be happy, that is my new motto.

    Preaching indeed but that is what is needed here. Thanks for offering it….


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