Nice Truck But….

I found this old truck in the WalMart parking lot a while ago. It really gave me a moment of joy. But…

Old Truck

When I looked in the back of the bed I found a hand-scrolled racist sign about our president it ruined the moment and cheapened the item it was attached to. I won’t show or repeat the sign here but I have found variations of it several different venues.  I tried to erase that sign and just enjoy the truck but it was difficult.  I recognize that I am in a very red State and there are a lot of older generation racists and bigots still around but these signs still give me a shudder when I see them.  How can someone hate someone else so much, let alone POTUS, the leader of our country?

I am into old trucks and the cable TV car shows lately. I can’t do that stuff anymore but still enjoy being able to do it through someone else. But then again I am currently still working on my micro-RV (uRV) which takes my 24 year old truck and furniture delivery cap and turns them into a single person RV with many bumper stickers and travel decals.

This was a nicely done rat rod and I am hoping that eventually my memory of that sign will disappear when I view the pic in the future…

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