In the past when I thought of Tulsa Oklahoma I mainly thought of cows and indians. After visiting there for the first time  recently I have changed that view. Now the first thing I think of is the Woody Guthrie Center and maybe secondly its architecture.   Compared to many it is a small city of about 400,000  and has a relatively short history but is rich in architectural detail. Oklahoma was where we pushed all the Native-American tribe that we wanted out of our way in our quest for “Manifest Destiny”. Happily there is a lot of Native-American heritage and history celebrated in Oklahoma.
Here are a few pictures that I took in my three hour walking tour around the city.

Click on any of the pictures above to see larger gallery views.

The YMCA building caught my attentions for it shear magnitude. I’m not sure if the plan is to salvage the building or tear it down.  I hope it is repurposed for other things…

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